TransLoc Rider

TransLoc is an App that takes the worry and uncertainty out of mass transit. Created in 2004 by founder and CEO, Josh Whiton, the App turns the desire of wanting to know when a bus is coming or what route it will take you on into a worthwhile, readily available design. The target audience for this App would be anyone using university transit, shuttle areas such as airports and hospitals, or public transportation in a selected city. This is beneficial for students looking to get to class on time, adults in need a ride to work or anybody with a smart phone looking for a convenient way to catch the bus. Transloc can be accesed on smartphones, via sms or the web. TransLoc Rider, recently released to focus solely on mass transit ridersallows routes to be selected as favorites and displaying the next three estimated arrivals.
TransLoc Rider uses location services to determine the available routes and nearest bus stop.
A map of your location with a bus route outlined in red shows a small arrow representing where the bus in circulation is at the moment.



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