People’s United Bank

People’s United Bank has an App available which brings banking mobile and more efficient. It’s features include paying bills, checking account balances, mobile check deposit, viewing transaction history, transferring funds between accounts and finding ATM and branch locationsThe target audience for this App would be anybody with a People’s United Bank account. It takes the hassle out of stopping at the bank or turning on your computer for actions that can be completed with just a few clicks at your convenienceThis is beneficial for the average adult working during bank hours with no time to stop at a bank during their break.  While this App may have been created out of a desire for convenient banking, there is also a need for it on a community, national and global level. As a result of the App, traffic in cities may reduce subsequently reducing pollution on a greater scale.
A People’s United B
ank user ID and password is required to sign into mobile banking.
The design uses horizontal lines to display a vertical format of options within the App. Minimal use of color and large font size make the App easy to read and navigate.


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