StarMap 3D+

Starmap 3D+ is a personal star atlas that displays names of stars, pictures of constellations, galaxies and nebulae according to your location and time. The 3D design of this App allows you to hold your phone up to the sky and view stars and constellations with high definition retina graphics. The target audience would be anybody interested in the sky, beginners or advanced astronomers. The desire for this information resulted in a beautifully designed and interesting App that will keep people of all ages in awe. A forum as well as a link to the App store is available on their website
A vertical catalog with bright colored font on a black background makes it easy to read and choose which space matter you have the option of choosing.
An example of the layout shows the Sun, Mercury, and the constellations Aries and Triangulum above the horizon.


Logic Games

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram when you’re bored, Logic Games is the perfect App to open. Created in 2011 by Andrea Sabbatini, this App gives your brain a workout with over 5,000 puzzles. The target audience for this App would be any teenager or adult looking to kill time while testing and strengthening their brain power. There is definitely a need for this App because it stimulates the mind and works on basic problem solving skills that the brain needs opposed to mind numbing social media Apps. Details and features on the free puzzles can be found on
logic games
A plethora of puzzle sets and challenges are available.
Many of the games such as Parks have a design that uses simple geometric shapes and lines.


Vinted, an App founded by CEO, Justas Januaskas, allows anybody to sell, swap or buy thrifted clothes. It started in Lithuania before it traveled to various European countries as well as the United States. The desire to make a little money while clearing space in your closet is now an opportunity for women of all ages from college students that need some extra money to mothers that want to sell their children’s outgrown clothes. In today’s economy, this App is definitely worthy of a download. A user account can also be accessed online at
A news feed uses a geometric layout to display clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Settings allow for a news feed tailored to your size and preference.
The messages section allows you to interact with other buyers and sellers around the country. A shipping label is provided for sold items, and you are notified when it has been scanned by USPS and then received by the buyer.


People’s United Bank

People’s United Bank has an App available which brings banking mobile and more efficient. It’s features include paying bills, checking account balances, mobile check deposit, viewing transaction history, transferring funds between accounts and finding ATM and branch locationsThe target audience for this App would be anybody with a People’s United Bank account. It takes the hassle out of stopping at the bank or turning on your computer for actions that can be completed with just a few clicks at your convenienceThis is beneficial for the average adult working during bank hours with no time to stop at a bank during their break.  While this App may have been created out of a desire for convenient banking, there is also a need for it on a community, national and global level. As a result of the App, traffic in cities may reduce subsequently reducing pollution on a greater scale.
A People’s United B
ank user ID and password is required to sign into mobile banking.
The design uses horizontal lines to display a vertical format of options within the App. Minimal use of color and large font size make the App easy to read and navigate.

TransLoc Rider

TransLoc is an App that takes the worry and uncertainty out of mass transit. Created in 2004 by founder and CEO, Josh Whiton, the App turns the desire of wanting to know when a bus is coming or what route it will take you on into a worthwhile, readily available design. The target audience for this App would be anyone using university transit, shuttle areas such as airports and hospitals, or public transportation in a selected city. This is beneficial for students looking to get to class on time, adults in need a ride to work or anybody with a smart phone looking for a convenient way to catch the bus. Transloc can be accesed on smartphones, via sms or the web. TransLoc Rider, recently released to focus solely on mass transit ridersallows routes to be selected as favorites and displaying the next three estimated arrivals.
TransLoc Rider uses location services to determine the available routes and nearest bus stop.
A map of your location with a bus route outlined in red shows a small arrow representing where the bus in circulation is at the moment.